Support of export-import operations

The Trading House may act as a sales agent in the European Union, the United States and China. This service is in demand with companies that have a sales or purchase segment in these countries, but they need a contracting agent. The Trading House carries out export-import operations in all currencies of the world, including EUR and USD.

Personal Trading Manager

The Trading House provides services of a personal trading manager for promotion and development of goods or services. The manager works with the partner’s head office on an ongoing basis.

Certification of Products

Certification of goods (assistance in certification of goods for the EU markets, depending on the necessary requests). The Trading House works in these areas in tight cooperation with the EU Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Co-Financing of Trade Operations

The Trading House operates under partnership agreements with a number of European banks, including SWISS bank, EFG Monaco, Rietumu banka, Swedbank.
Cooperation with financial institutions allows to obtain trade financing for transactions conducted in the EU (commodity transactions, export-import operations are financed, and granting of bank guarantees is possible).

Logistics and Warehouse Services

The logistic structure is located in the area of the Freeport of Riga and provides the following services:
– storage of containers in the guarded area;
– transhipment, handling, preparation and customs clearance of goods;
– storage of goods in a free zone in warehouses equipped with shelving structures, heating, electricity, loading and unloading mechanisms, video surveillance, fire and security alarms;
– handling and storage of refrigerated goods.

Participation in the European Union tenders

The Trading House structure takes an active part in tenders held actively in the EU. On our part, we are proficient in package documentation, which is necessary for successful participation in tender procurement. This topic is the most complex, therefore, it is discussed upon request.

Export to Ukraine

The Trading House supports export operations into Ukraine.
A detailed market analysis for particular group of goods is possible.
Audit counterparties in Ukraine for diligence and reputation risks.

Representation in the EU:

(Establishment of Joint Ventures)
Possibility to establish a separate legal entity in the EU including recruitment, opening a current account. This format of interaction is implemented not on the part of the Trading House, but by partner structures as a separate project.